Plaid Trees is an in-development indie publishing company. It will publish a limited amount of novels each year until further notice.

Once complete, it will offer publishing services, such as proofreading, formatting, and book cover designs.

In time, Plaid Trees will begin accepting manuscripts for publishing.

Our Goal is Simple: Help Future Authors.

Many incredible books go unnoticed by publishing companies due to the authors being unknown. This company will help find those gemstone novels and bring them out to the public. We prioritize quality literature no matter who wrote it.

Why Plaid Trees?

What is a Plaid Tree?

The tree part has to do with books. Books are made of trees. Every page that holds our favorite adventures cam from a tree.

Then what about plaid?

That’s more of a personal preference of shirts. We believe that plaid inspires creativity. When one¬†wears a plaid shirt, it gives them strength, luck, and determination to put their stories down.

We Accept Donations: https://www.paypal.me/PlaidTrees

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