Books, Books, and More Books By Yawatta Hosby

Hello to all the readers and authors looking forward to Plaid Trees’s End of Year Event. I’m happy to be a guest today.

I wanted to let you guys know that on Thursday, Dec. 21, I’ll be posting a live video on my Facebook author page. I’ll be sharing my favorite aspect of the horror and suspense genre. Plus, I’ll be signing my ebooks through AuthorGraph. If you’re interested in joining me this Thursday 7 to 8pm EST on Facebook Live, make sure to visit:

For the End of Year Event, two of my books will be free Dec. 19 through Dec. 21. Being a cross genre author, I have a variety of selections for readers. I write in the horror, suspense, crime, thriller genres. I even have a women’s fiction novella. Here’s my Amazon page:

My free books:


Alone in the woods, thirty miles from civilization with no cell phone reception, the weekend turns into a deadly game when a killer hunts Rae and her friends. They struggle to stay alive and discover the truth.

Is someone stalking them, or is there a killer among the group?


Oliver never thought he’d see his ex, Poe, step foot in Rhode Island again. But, she returns a year later to pay her respects for the loss of Jenna, his cousin. Deciding life’s too short, Oliver plans to fight for what he wants. Can he convince Poe to give him a second chance? Or will old resentments resurface?

Can you do me a favor for the next three days? Please have fun and read lots and lots of books!

Keep smiling,
Yawatta Hosby

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