Fictional World Building | Part 1


Settings are a vital part to any story. What would Hunger Games be like without Panem and its districts? What would Batman be like without Gotham? Or Native Foreigners without Cynthia?

A proper setting is important for the character’s development and the story’s plot. It’s easy just to say you need an oppressive nation or gang controlled city. However, details are needed to teleport your readers.

So how do you create an interesting society, small town, or foreign planet?

For this part, we’ll focus on colors.

Now how does world building and colors related?

Oddly enough, whenever you try thinking of a setting you may image more of a colorscape.

For example, let’s go back to gotham. What colors do you think of? I think of dark greys, dark greens, and black. The general gist is that gotham is a dark city and it matches with Batman.

In Native Foreigners, I imagined lots of red and oranges when thinking of they society, which led to the desert planet.

Here’s an exercise. I’ll show three different color palettes. Take ten minutes to create an environment based off these colors. Just think of these colors and write whatever comes to mind.

Color Palette 1:








Color Palette 2:


Color Palette 3:




Here’s my opinion of each colors just as an example.

Color Palette one give me a homey, yet natural feel. I think of a small cottage in the woods. I can see moss growing on stone and sunlight shimmering between the trees.

Color Palette two give me more of a small city feel. I can see a grand theater with elaborate decals. Stone streets and colorful storefronts. Yet, despite the elaborate decor, the alleys are dreadful and dusty.

Color Palette three give me a slight pop art feel. I imagine a bustling city with people with bright fashion. However, the main characters home would be something warmer and comforting.

If you want to see more amazing color palettes or create some of your own for your story, try:

Although it’s to find color hex codes, you can discover amazing colors and color palettes. If you make an account, you can even save your own. This is a great resource.

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