4 Free Websites for Proofreading & Editing

Nothing beats a person proofreading your work. However, there are some websites that can help make your writing more legible and give good insights. These are some of good FREE websites that can help you improve your writing.


grammarly-iconGrammarly has been around for a long time. However, in recent years it has become free to use and edit your documents. It check basic grammar and spelling mistakes for free.

It’s a great place to start reviewing your work.

Hemingway Editor


Just like the website says, “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.” This websites focuses on simplicity. It grades you with a lower grade meaning more clarity. It highlights sentences that are too complicated, finds passive voice, and points out adverbs. It’s helpful to get another perspective on your writing.

Word Counter


This website is a personal favorite. It began as a simple word counting website. However, it has advanced so much since then. It tracks your word density, reading level, and reading time. If you have an account you can track your activity and create writing goals. It has so many other options as well.

The word density feature is a favorite as it can help you pinpoint the words you overuse. It’s a great website to check out, especially on your first or second draft.

Paper Rater


This website is best for essays as there is a word limit when it’s free. Also, it is designed with Academia in mind. However, it is also helpful to check chapter by chapter.

It’s grammar is sometimes more questionable than grammarly. However, its writing suggestions are helpfulIt offers Word Choice, Stlye, Complexity of Sentence, and more.


As mentioned before, these won’t replace a real proofreader. However, they are still useful tools that are available fore free.


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