4 Websites For Developing Characters

Without characters, there is no story. However, developing a great characters can take lots of work and rewrites. Creating a character comes with picking out names, developing a personality and a past, and their appearance.

Here are FOUR websites that can help make this process a bit easier.



Behind the name is a great website to find character names. Not only does it give a good history of a large list of first names. It also has a random name generator. It can provide ancient, mythical, and even fantasy names.

As an added bonus. It has last names too.


This is another great site for character names. I find this website has a better search for the meaning of a name. It also provides interesting name lists from other written works as well.
Finally, if you make an account. You can save your favorite names in a list. This makes it easier to review the names later.



RanGen is a website full of random generators. It’s helpful when you need ideas on different things. My favorite tool are the Character Generators. It has one for Appearance, Archetypes, Family, Jobs, Love Interest, Motive, Personality, and more.



Mega Anime Avatar Creator


Although most don’t imagine their characters as cartoons. This website helps when your not sure of an appearance for your character. It’s easy to mess around with different ideas such as eye colors, hair, and skin color. There’s boundless options and more become available each day. It’s one of the few avatar creators that have male and female.



These are just some websites that help with character development. Hopefully, they help with your character development.

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