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Everyone recalls the iconic scene in Hunger Games with nightlock. A berry so dangerous it can kill you instantly. In a fictional world that takes place in the future, it’s easy to come up with some dangerous plant that can kill your characters. However, if your story is closer to reality, creating a fictional plant isn’t always in the book.

So what are some natural ways to poison someone?

Well, here are the five most fatal ones I found.

  1. Oleander Leaves and Branches
    • Has caused death. Affects heart and digestive system.
  2. Rosary Pea or Castor Bean
    • Fatal
  3. Daphne berries
    • Fatal
  4. Laurels/ Rhododendrons/ Azaleas
    • Fatal
  5. Mistletoe
    • Fatal is you consume the berries


There’s so much more than that. I would suggest visiting this link:


They organized it into different environments in which these plants can be found, as well as side effects of consumption. This also a helpful reference for non-lethal poison plants.



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