Finish Your First Draft in Five Steps

One of the most common piece of advice a new author gets is finish your first draft.

It make sense. Once you have the story down the first time, it’s much easier to continue. Even if you think it’s garbage, it is a foundation. Something to grow from. It’s easier to make the story better when you actually have a story to work with.

However, how do you get there? How do you finish that first draft?

letter-761653_960_720Step One: Write the ending first. 

You need to know where your building your story to.The ending is the most important part of the story. Everyone hates a rushed or forced ending. Once you know how your story is going to end, you can develop limits for your story. Also, it helps create a guideline on your plot.

Step Two: Create an Outline

This isn’t a concrete plan. This is just some ideas for your story. When you know what comes next it helps prevent writer’s block. It also helps to write out the character’s personality. It make responses easier to write as well.

Step Three: Write as Fast as Possible

Get that story down. Don’t procrastinate to the point the story is nothing but a blur of a concept. Once you get the idea, write it down. Write the whole story as fast as possible before you loose that story lust.

Step Four: Keep your Story in your Mind

Keep your eyes on the prize. Try to apply your story to everything you do. Imagine character’s in the scenario or ponder over plot holes while showering. Keeping the story in your mind prevents you from forgetting about it or even encourage you to want to write.

Step 5: Don’t Quit crumpled-148834_960_720

Most first drafts are abandoned when the author gets a writer’s block or discouraged. They quit. If you keep quitting your first draft, you’ll never finish a first draft. Don’t quit. Keep writing even if you loose interest. When your done you can decide whether it stays or go. However, in that first draft you stay committed until you reach “The End.” 

No matter what Keep Writing.


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