Plaid Trees | Publishing Company

Our Goal is Simple: Help Future Authors

The world is filled with untold stories and untapped potential.

typewriter-1478316Many ordinary people coming up with a brand new idea. An idea that fleshes out into an amazing story. They sit with their computers or pen and paper and slowly flesh out their story.

Then they do it again and again until they have this perfect manuscript in their hands. Filled with excitement and determination, they begin sending out their manuscript to publisher.

Then they wait. Days, weeks, or months pass before their letter arrives. A rejection. So, they do it again and again, but more rejections come.

It’s either the story is too risky, it doesn’t fit in with their other novels,  or the author is too unknown. Sometimes the company will take their stories, but wants to change it, destroy its originality so it can blend in with other books.

Many publishing company forget the beauty and the magic that comes with books. It quickly becomes revenue and stock. Yes, every company needs money, but that shouldn’t be a reason to sacrifice brilliant stories.

Plaid Trees wishes to change all that. We won’t publish that cliche vampire novel to attract teenage girls. We’ll publish that alien revolution novel that parallels with the current government crisis.

We’re looking for stories.

Plaid Trees are still under development, so we are limiting our number of published novels a year.

If you wish to be published under us and are willing to cooperate with our current situation, contact us. 

Until further notice, we will be offering service to authors who have decided to take the self-publishing route. Currently, we’re are offering proofreading and beta reading services. More are on the way.

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